DJs Against Cancer

Our Mission

Our goal is to raise awareness and donations for patients and Cancer research through the art of DJing. We provide uplifting music to create a joyful experience at an otherwise difficult time. Find out more


Our Story 

Founded by Brandon Rolland a cancer survivor who turned to music throughout his treatment. Music became an escape from reality and a provided inspiration to keep fighting. Our goal is to provide joy and excitement through our music to help patients, even for a brief moment, not focus on Cancer but instead their happiness. 


Learn Brandon's story

Brandon was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve 2013 during a vacation to visit his family for the holidays. As a professional DJ, he turned to music to help take his mind off of treatment. He now helps others by providing music and getting people to dance.  


American Cancer Society 

Proud partner of the American Cancer Society. 100% proceeds go towards research and patients. Weekly and monthly events are hosted at universities and local venues. DJs Against Cancer provide music at these events to help raise money and awareness. 




Nashville, TN


Raising awareness and donations for Middle Tennessee